Ripple.Systems was born out of a desire to create something better than the existing generation of TV broadcasting platforms available for TV stations in Denmark.

There had to be a better way of doing things than to use these cumbersome traditional hardware solutions on the market. So, a single fully software based platform in the cloud was created with sweat, tears and passion.

This is Ripple.Systems platform.

Our approach was to integrate existing proven technologies from Internet streaming and apply it to the world of broadcasting. Instead of asking “How can we take our broadcasting solution online”, we turned it upside down and asked “How can we broadcast our online solution?”. Disrupt the status quo – create ripples in the industry.

And we did just that. This is how Ripple.Systems came to be.

While Ripple.Systems spring from the roots of the traditional broadcasting industry, we believe strongly that the format of scheduled flow-TV is but one of many excellent ways to present content to the viewers. Video on Demand is just as natural to us as scheduled TV is.

We also believe strongly that by breaking down costly price barriers, every company, organization or individual should have a shot at bringing their content to viewers, connecting people, ideas and information.