Cloud based encoding for production

The encoding of video files into various formats is a notoriously computational heavy workload, especially when dealing with a large number of source files in a multitude of target formats. Not to mention new codecs such as HEVC and resolutions of 4K or even 8K, multiplying the required workload exponentially.

Ripple.Systems encoding services is ideal for customers who struggle with a need for large amounts of video encoding up to a deadline.


  • Scalable encoding in the cloud – always ready
  • Easy to use REST-API and web interface
  • Supply the sources securly via the web interface, FTP or simply supply URL to your source.
  • Accepts all presentation formats as well as intermediate formats such as DNxHD, ProRes and Cineform.
  • Create templates and workflows to automate and standardize the output.
  • Output still images for use as thumbnails.
  • Source videos are analyzed by metadata and keyframes for errors.
  • Intelligently determines optimal resolutions for an adaptive bitrate workflow from source. Naturally with keyframe alignments.
  • Outputs to all common containers in AVC/H.246 and HEVC/H.256 codecs.
  • Works with YUV 4:2:0, YUV 4:4:4 and even Lossless subsampling.
  • Operates in both 8 bit and 10 bit colorspace.
  • Resolutions up to 8K with HEVC and 4K with AVC.
  • REST-API provides precise status checks and callbacks on job completion.
  • Encoded files are made available via secured HTTPS as well as FTP uploads and downloads.


Upload master file

Quickly encoded to the formats required for streaming.

The platform is accepts all major formats. Once uploaded our platform quickly and automatically begins encoding the video into all required formats. It also lets you pick thumbnails from the video to use.

Download encoded video

Your files are ready for you in a split second.

After your encoding task is finished you simply download your files securely. And that’s it.