White-label streaming on your website

Ripple.Systems offers an end-to-end live streaming service in a managed infrastructure autoscaling to any size audience.

Whether you are going live between scheduled content, live streaming directly to the internet – or both – your media will be streamed in excellent quality to all devices.

The live streaming feature is an excellent choice for everyone who needs stabel, secure and affordable live streaming of any kind, f.x. events, interviews, concerts, meetings or political conventions. The live streaming can be combined with our video streaming feature letting you switch between live and regular video streaming, while our platform automatically saves the live stream for later use.

With our platform you get white-label video streaming for your every need. Your streaming will be free of advertising, interruptions and you will be able to serve all your viewers around the globe.

Choose Ripple.Systems if you…

  • Want a cloud-based live-streaming solution with pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Need to stream a live event periodically
  • Need to start streaming live quickly
  • Want a future proof cloud based service



Plan your Event

Or just go live when you need to.

You can plan your event ahead of time with a time and date. This provides you a with an embed code you can insert on your website as well as an address for a page we generate for you. If you are using our WordPress plugin you can also utilize its privacy and publication settings like you would any other normal video on our platform. Or you can skip this step and just go live whenever you feel like it.

Go Live

Broadcast in high quality to anyone from anywhere.

Connect anything from a smartphone, a webcam or professional video production switcher with the details provided. You will be able to see your own stream before pushing all the way to going live. The platform also provides you with helpful notification should we detect any kind of problem with your stream.

Once live your stream will be processed into the lastest in adaptive bitrate streaming, meaning no matter if your viewers are on a poorly connected smartphone, or a powerful new desktop computer, they will be able to view your live stream in best possible quality. And with our world wide Content Distribution Network, your viewers will automatically connect to a regional server for optimum performance.

Should your own stream for any reason cut out, the platform will revert to any pre recorded video or graphics to let your viewers know you will be right back. The moment we detect you are back you are automatically switched on for your viewers again.

Save your Live stream for later

Sometimes people miss things.

Don’t let viewers miss out on your video if they missed the live stream. Our platform automatically records it all for you. So the moment you are done live streaming you have the option of downloading your own video for editing or uploading to a video platform. Better still, if you have our Video On Demand package, just sit back and relax while the platform converts your live stream into a regular video. Then viewers arriving late to your page can still enjoy the content after all.