We deliver unlimited live and on demand video to your viewers around the world and there is no limits on the amount of media you can store in our cloud.


We deliver videos to the end user using adaptive bitrate, this ensures the user the highest possible quality no matter what device they are using.


Our platform is inherently secure. We used multiple levels of backup, we have several delivery networks available and our uptime is nearly 100 %.

White-label video streaming anywhere

The days of using Social Media platforms, such as YouTube, for serving your video to your viewers, is long gone for corporate and media use – or for anybody else who takes online video and business seriously.

With our platform you get white-label video streaming for your every needs. Your streaming will be free of advertising, interruptions and you will be able to serve all your viewers around the globe.

No matter how many viewers you have our platform is more than up to the task. Having a viral hit going global on major tv-stations, such as CNN, Fox News or BBC World does not impact your streaming.

Our platform is rock solid, built to scale and will serve unlimited users at the same time.

Embed videos everywhere
You upload and encode your video material to our platform and embed your content on your website. With at simple link your videos are streamed to all devices.

Scalable and always ready
All traffic goes through our content delivery network (CDN) so you website is never overloaded. Our CDN is connected to other major global CDN-providers. Scale is not a problem – it’s an option.

Gorgeous and lightning fast video player
When you do video on demand through our platform you use a lightning fast player. Stream embedded or in modal-view.


Upload Videos

Quickly encoded to the formats required for streaming. The platform accepts all major formats. Once uploaded our platform quickly and automatically begins encoding the video into all required formats. It also lets you pick thumbnails from the video to use.

Organize Videos

Let your audience know the details. The video doesn’t always speak for itself. Complete it by populating its metadata with information about the video content. Create custom metadata fields that fits your website and needs. Work with settings such as publishing dates, visibility and privacy settings. You can also organize your videos into playlists or tag them to group them. When that’s all set and done, you can use the tools to copy all your metadata and settings for your next video, saving you time.

Stream Videos

YOUR videos should be on YOUR website. Instead of manually embedding every single videos on your website like with other platforms, you can use our custom WordPress plugin to populate your site with your videos. That means the moment you made your video available on our site, they will be available on your own site. The plugin provides a wealth of features and is completely customizable to fit your website design. You only need to embed our shortcodes once and the platform takes over. You can make a page for the entire video library, use search and filter functions, specify lists, base another list off tags, basically anything you need. You can still get classic embed code too, if that’s your thing. Not running WordPress? No problem, the WordPress Plugin runs straight off our platforms API, an API you can use as well. A web developer can easily implement your videos on any website.

See the impact

Get instant up to date insight on your viewers. Statistics are important tools in analyzing the success of your videos. Thankfully with Ripple.Systems you get several comprehensive ways to get insight into what your viewers are seeing and doing. You can watch statistics straight from our platform. Every single video play is registered in details. Learn how many watched, when they watched, from where they watched and even how long they watched. And since we implemented the measuring on the frontend of the player, we can even look past groups of people otherwise obscured on the same network. We also support Google Analytics so you can combine the your existing analytics with details about video views on your site. And if neither our interface, nor Google Analytics is enough, you can export raw data from our platform into a CSV file for your spreadsheet pleasures.



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