We deliver unlimited live and on demand video to your viewers around the world and there is no limits on the amount of media you can store in our cloud.


Ripple.Systems delivers the fastest and cleanest streams. We power high-quality live video streaming to any device at any scale.


Our platform is inherently secure. We used multiple levels of backup, we have several delivery networks available and our uptime is nearly 100 %.

Get an Internet based TV station on your website

Creating a Internet based TV station has never been easier or more affordable. With no strings attached and no on-premise investment. Ditch the old hardware and move to the cloud.

Ripple.Systems platform is making it possible to have a full-scale TV station on a website in a matter of days.

You will enjoy the benefits of our expertise in broadcasting and production in traditional TV industry.

Corporate TV, New Media or university TV, or any other scenario, has never been more easy. The possibilities are endless – if you want to run a TV station online our platform is your solution.

Everything needed is build into one unified platform accessible from anywhere with a browser. It sports all the features needed to create a 24/7 TV channel. Along with on demand videos and live streaming. All delivered online via a scalable content delivery network or to existing broadcast distribution. With the Group add-on the channel and its content can even be segmented between different groups of people.

It is already a lot of work populating a 24/7 channel with video content alone. It can take hours producing just a couple of minutes of content. But with one unified platform and the build in tools the last mile of getting the content out there is painless and fast.


Create Programs

Go ahead, plan ahead. We support programs as assets.

The platform streams videos, naturally. But every video needs a collection of information such as titles and descriptions, this is its metadata. In most platforms you start by uploading a video, that in turn creates the program or video clip with its metadata. But with the ability to create the program and clips beforehand, you can already start scheduling the program on your channel even though it doesn’t really exist as a video yet.

The program can contain a wealth of information, custom information as well. They can also be tagged and grouped together and present them on your website automatically.

Upload the Video

Quickly encoded to the formats required for streaming.

The platform is able to accept all major formats. Once uploaded a cluster of servers quickly and automatically start encoding the video into all required formats. It also lets you pick thumbnails from the video to use.

Plan the content

Schedule programs and live streams for your 24/7 channels.

Use the scheduling to control when programs are to be played on your channel. You can select specific timeslots for them to start, let them run one after another and use drag-and-drop to organize their order. To fill all 24 hours a day, you can create and copy playlists to populate the schedule. Or even let the platform fill empty timeslots from preselected programs and video clips.

The platform will let you know if there is anything wrong with the schedule, such as overlapping programs.

Add live content

Bring a live program into your schedule.

Create special live programs and schedule them like you would any other program. The platform supplies you with an adress where you can stream live content. You can use the exact same equipment you would streaming to any regular platform. From professional cameras to webcams. You can even use a smartphone if you wanted to. At the time you scheduled your live program to start, your are switched on and go live for your viewers, customers or co-workers to see.
Once the live program is concluded, the platform naturally converts the live program into a regular program, as if you had uploaded it. This can be viewed on-demand for people who missed it, or scheduled for a rerun at a later time.

Streaming 24/7

Your Internet TV channel just keeps going.

The platform streams your video 24/7 without interruptions. Implement the stream on your website using embed codes, our WordPress plugin or the comprehensive API. You could also set up smart TV’s around the office to stream your new TV channel directly.



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