We deliver unlimited live and on demand video to your viewers around the world and there is no limits on the amount of media you can store in our cloud.


Ripple.Systems delivers the fastest and cleanest streams. We power high-quality live video streaming to any device at any scale.


Our platform is inherently secure. We used multiple levels of backup, we have several delivery networks available and our uptime is nearly 100 %.

A brand new way of streaming to all platforms – live and on demand

Ripple.Systems was built to be the next generation platform for local and regional TV broadcasters. Since Ripple.Systems lives in the cloud, there is no need for traditional hardware solutions that has to be managed either in-house or by expensive service agreements.

Everything needed is build into one unified platform accessible from anywhere with a browser. It sports all the features needed to create a 24/7 TV channel. Along with on demand videos and live streaming. All delivered online via a scalable Content Delivery Network or to existing broadcast distribution.

With the Group add-on the channel and its content can even be segmented between different groups of people.

It is already a lot of work populating a 24/7 channel with video content alone. It can take hours producing just a couple of minutes of content. But with our unified platform and the build-in tools the last mile of getting the content out there is painless and fast.

Professional TV

Scheduled, live and on-demand


Create Programs

Go ahead, plan ahead. We support programs as assets.

Like a Media Asset Management (MAM) system. The platform regards programs as a unique program asset with a collection of metadata. This asset can in turn have a video asset linked to it. When creating new programs the user can opt out of providing a video straight away, but use the program asset as if already contained a video. This is especially useful for planning scheduled content.
The metadata of the programs in the scheduled content is made available through the API and dedicated wordpress plugin, and can be made available for external listing providers in XMLTV and TV-Anytime feeds.
Publication times can be picked in advance. So that a program for example does not become available on demand before it has been shown on-air first.

Upload the master

Quickly encoded to the formats required for both streaming and broadcasting.

The platform is able to accept all presentation formats as well as intermediate formats such as DNxHD, ProRes and Cineform. Once uploaded our platform automatically encodes the video into all required formats. This is done in parallel when possible to ensure the fastest encoding possible.
Special for the broadcaster solution is the ability to do secondary encoding sets of the master video to an even higher bitrate than what would be recommended for online distribution. This high bitrate stream can for example be used as a source for further traditional distribution to cable and satellite TV.

Plan the content

Schedule programs, live broadcasts and fillers for the 24/7 channels.

Use the scheduling tool to insert programs at either fixed times or following other programs. Select their specific order or simply drag and drop the programs between each other. Copy entire segments at once, insert pre-populated lists, automatically fill empty space with selected media, or display the generated program listings. The platform will provide notifications of any problems that might arise such as overlapping programs or missing video assets. The schedules can be changed up to the last possible moment if needed.
With the addition of the Group add-on the administrator can cut the channels into smaller timeslots and assign them to individual groups. The groups will have the exact same features, though the users are only able to schedule content in their assigned timeslots.

Contribute with live content

Bring a live program into an otherwise pre-scheduled channel.

When creating a program the user can tell the platform to treat it as a live contribution. It will in turn provide an address to an ingest server for RTMP streaming to be received. With the live program scheduled, the platform switches to incoming stream at the predetermined time. Once the live program is concluded, the platform naturally converts the live program into a regular program, using its recordings as a source. So that if the program can already in advance be scheduled for a rerun shortly afterwards.
Should the incoming stream be dropped a fallback will be used until the stream comes back online.

Channel Continuity 24/7

With programs and their linked videos scheduled, the channel just keeps going.

The platform keeps you streaming 24/7 without interruptions through the Content Distribution Network to viewers online.
The stream can also be implemented into existing distribution platforms such as DVB-C, DVB-T or OTT networks working with third party solutions. The high bitrate stream can be picked up via a variety of HTTP protocols such as MPEG-DASH and HLS. Or through protocols such as RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS or third party protocols such as Zixi TS. We will find the solution that works, to get the stream where it needs to go.



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